His words never fail

by DP

“For no word from God will ever fail.” Luke 1:37

This day is filled with meaning for many; for some joy and for others not. Life happens to all of us. It is very interesting that on the months leading to this day we celebrate, a young girl, a teenage girl, had not only a visitation of an angel but was confronted with her new reality; she was going to be a mom. I can only imagine how many thoughts went through her mind. What will everyone think? How would she be treated by her family? We can only imagine and probably guess what happened and how she felt. She could have been confused. And as that confusion took place, it was eased by the words of the angel when he said: “For no word from God will ever fail.”

We have the benefit of some hindsight today. We all know how the story unfolded. But Mary, and then Joseph, did not have that vantage. They had to endure life and rely every step on a word given to each of them separately, a word that they were the only ones who witnessed it. The words said to Mary on Luke 1:37 (TNIV), are a clear message for us today. That no matter how grim or difficult your place in life is today, no word from God will ever fail. And when I whisper these words to my soul, I feel that there is hope for me and for you. God made it clear, by giving these words to Mary, that we never forget his promises.

When everything else fails, or seems failing before our eyes, he doesn’t. Knowing this, brightens my day immediately. And it is palpable to know that Jesus himself is called The Word. His mere essence is truth and unmovable reliance of what he says He is and or will do. There are not many in this world you can say, that will always uphold their promises. Even the most noble and respectable people we know, have failed us. So how marvelous it is to know, He will not.

In spite of your personal circumstances, your feelings and above what anyone else says. He will not fail you, ever. His proof comes in the manner of a child, born in a manger that years later would change the destiny of this earth with his life. He would walk on water, heal the sick, defend the poor, resuscitate the dead, defeat sin, death and fear, and will always love you and me, unconditionally.

So on this holiday season and in every season, remember that …, no word from God will ever fail.

“BREATHE expectantly, LIVE confidently and MOVE Boldly”

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