How’s your buffer?


No, it’s not a mistake what you are seeing, I posted it for a purpose. I use a service called Buffer that basically helps me add tweets on the go, add ideas or simply share links and post them at the moment or queue them for a future date. It is very helpful, especially if you want to maintain yourself organized and at the same time not to be a social media pest. You schedule the times and frequency that your posts will appear. I usually have weeks or even months in advance of what I have to share; it’s a great app.

Recently something happened without me knowing it and it took me by surprise. I received the reminder you see above, stating in amazement “Oh no, it looks like you buffer is empty!”. This made me think quite a bit about myself and about many others like me. This was not an event that just happened. this was the outward expression of something that had been happening long time ago; my buffer was empty. Isn’t it true about me and you, that we walk through life as if we had unlimited emotional and spiritual supply that we forget to replenish ourselves? We live at times, a margin-less life. We have no buffer, we are always playing catch-up and that is a very dangerous place to be. When we run on empty all sorts of things can happen.

I realized this in a very vulnerable moment that made me realize that there was something missing in me. I expressed myself in a way that was not appropriate. After the fact, I realized that I had left my emotional supply to dry up. If we were to talk face to face, I would explain every detail and you would agree with me that I had all the right to feel the way I felt and to and say what I said. But the reality is that my buffer was empty and my reaction proved it. I am grateful for one thing I did right: I reached out and asked for advice. This was a good and made me put everything into the right perspective.

What is missing in you? Is the everyday busyness taking the best out of you? Are you walking in life feeling emotionally tired? Who are you reaching out to? Are you asking the right questions and to the right people? People that you know will say what is right, not what you want to hear. Replenish your soul, and body, so you will have enough to lean on for those vulnerable moments that will find you at some point. You owe it to yourself, and to those close to you.

So, how’s your buffer?

“BREATHE expectantly, LIVE confidently and MOVE Boldly”

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