Band of brothers

I can just imagine the dialogue between them. One said to the other, “Hey what if he can help?” “You think he could?” The other responded. “I hear that he does it all the time, it’s natural to him.” He replied. “Well, let’s do it. Call the others.” Four men that showed the world the power of friendship. Four men that would risk their own reputations and social standing in order to help their buddy. Each took one corner of the mat where their friend was, and lifted it because he was paralyzed.

When they got there, a huge crowd separated them from the miracle. There was no way through. One said to the others, “Now what? It’s impossible to go through.” One replied, “Yes, it’s impossible to go through, but not impossible to go over.” Wow! Everyone needs friends like these. There is no question of their commitment and faithfulness. There is no question that the interest of others came first.

What about you?

Will you stand still and submit to the circumstances and the obstacles or will you go beyond your duty? Which friend are you? The one that sees what needs to be done and does it, or will you close your heart and hands in the cold name of convenience? Real friends walk two, three, four miles and more to see the miracle happen. They don’t need to do it, but they want to.

Which corner will you lift? What role will you play? How strong will you lift? Are you deterred by the seemingly impossible in front of you? Do you say, in any event, I did what I could why push it further? Why go through so much inconvenience? Why bother?

Books, and stories that are worth saying and emulating are not written of those that stood still and did nothing or just did what conveniently came their way. The stories that stir our hearts and move us to actions are those in which we see those who were daring enough to break the norm. The stories of those that decided to be bold in a world of mediocrity. History remembers the deeds of those that decide that good is not good enough, but being great is a way of life.

We do not know the name of these four men that carried their friend to the presence of Jesus. Yet a story was written of what they did. This tells us that our name is not as important as what we do. They carried someone to their miracle without prevention or asking for attention to themselves. Let us do the same.

What story are you writing? Which corner are you lifting? Who are you carrying to their destiny? What are you doing for others that they cannot do for themselves? You and I can be part of a select few if choose to do so. A band of brothers that will change the world. Let’s do it!

“BREATHE expectantly, LIVE confidently and MOVE Boldly”

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© Copyright Danny Maldonado, 2013
Scripture quotations are taken from The Holy Bible: Today’s New International Version. 2005. Grand Rapids, MI: Zondervan. Used by permission. All rights reserved worldwide


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