My greatest pursuit

Alex & DadSeventeen years ago today, my life as I knew it changed. It is one of those moments that appear to be surreal at the time and the effect it has on you is beyond comprehension. It is a feeling which words cannot completely describe or convey the true sense of how my heart and soul felt and still feels today.

I was an independent kind of guy who did things my own way. I paced my life and pushed forward to pursuits I believed would be of great impact and also thrust me forward into greatness. But I was not prepared to face the greatest pursuit of all. Who would have known that the path of greater reward and fulfillment was going to be the one that is not touted in mainstream as the pinnacle of a man’s life. It is a path that is often walked outside of the spotlight. A path so profound and impactful that it reverbs through generations, yet many have deviated from it because it is hard. It took me some time to personally realize that this path is the greatest path of all, the highest achievement of any man’s life and the least celebrated and acknowledged. It is an uncharted path for every man, because the pursuit is always unique.

I still pause and reflect on that day. That day changed me, it defined me, it branded me. I became a father for the first time. Alex was born this day seventeen years ago, and I still can’t fully explain with words the depth and width of the love I have for him. He was born to life and I was born to the path of fatherhood, and I wouldn’t change it for anything. I cannot deny that I have made many mistakes as a father but one the thing that is and always will remain unfazed, is my love and commitment.

Alexander is smart, funny, humble, genuine, talented, compassionate, strong, thoughtful, committed, understanding, creative, inspiring, responsible, hard worker, and many more traits. He is a well rounded young man and I am so proud of him. But I don’t love him because of these qualities, I love him because he is my son and I am eternally grateful to the Almighty who had mercy on me and granted me the privilege to become a father of this amazing boy.

I love you son, and my prayer is that you fulfill the dream God has for your life and become the best you. Press on forward, love deeply and forgive often. Alex, you are fearfully and wonderfully made and you are God’s masterpiece. He has created you anew in Christ Jesus, so you can do the good things he planned for you long ago. I am sure that your life is going to be amazing. You have a heart of a champion. Happy Birthday son!

Love, Dad

1 thought on “My greatest pursuit

  1. Awesome!
    God bless you !
    Continue to inspire others thru your expression of love and humbleness, truly a gift from the Almighty !



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