Not just another index

by DP

Before you start reading, let me ask you a question: Who are you listening to?, Who are you?, what defines you? Is it your circumstances, your finances or the opinion of others? You might be going through difficult times now but God will open your eyes in the middle of your situation and you will hear a subtle voice saying, Now you shall seeing and you will be Untroubled” It is not the time to stop. It is time to start Growing! and to believe that God can give you Another heart. So what are you waiting for? Leave the brook that has dried up and go Out of the cave of false security and move on For there is sound of abundance of rain and there will be Water in the valley waiting for you. I tell you today that if you Depart to the other side you won’t be traveling alone because He is in the stern and you need to move because it might be that You have come for such a time like this.

You might be wrestling with the thought of where to go next, The valley or the mountain?, either place God directs you, just Don’t take your promise to a dry place. So celebrate and see how he will take you From the desert to the summit; be certain that He will defend this city and if the place where you are going to is in shambles, He will rebuild the walls. He has said “I will restore the years” that were lost by ignorance. So While we wait, let’s think about The power of the name, and that he always protects his children. Ask yourself, Whom shall I fear? and Who can ever be against us?, If he said it, He will do it! It is time to contemplate the Lilies of the field and after doing so I have to ask you, What is written in your staff?, dwell on it and take heart. Do you know your father?, Will he know you? Many promises have been given to you and me, so If you only knew! what the Almighty has in store for you, Will you flee? I think not.

So today, Polish your shoes, and don’t underestimate The power of intimacy, so when the enemy brings to memory your sins, shout out loud, It is canceled!, And suddenly! you will say: No more sour grapes! and you will be thrust to your destiny to Color the world.

The only thing that remains is to think big, think higher, Breathe, Live and Move Dreamspired!

“BREATHE expectantly, LIVE confidently and MOVE Boldly”

2 thoughts on “Not just another index

  1. The summary of “not just another index” was inspired by the Holy Spirit, it is truly a message of inspiration! Please continue writing and encouraging those who need a powerful word of faith!



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