The coat of many colors

by DP

But they saw him in the distance, and before he reached them, they plotted to kill him. Genesis 37:18

Joseph was on his way to see his brothers. It turned out to be the last day he would see them for many more years to come. They sold him to the Ishmaelites and in turn he was sold to the egyptians. He was sold because he had been favored by their father, and they became jealous of him. His father had made him a coat of many colors; he had been favored by the father and it showed.

When you are favored by God, it will be shown. When you wear the coat of many colors, God’s favor, you will stand out from the crowd. When you dream big dreams, you stand out from everybody else. Dreamers are ultimately defined by what they stand for and are known more by what they dream than from who they are. Dreamers can be seen from a distance. Dreamers are feared. Safe people are intimidated by dreamers. Joseph’s brothers saw him from a distance and plotted against him. Be certain that because of what you stand for, by what you represent, you might be plotted against, shunned and attacked. But dreamers don’t back down and certainly dreamers don’t quit.

Dreamers are a special kind of people. They see opportunities where everybody else sees facts. They see cities when everybody else sees empty land. They see what can be, instead of what currently is. They are dangerous, because limitations are not a threat to them. Limitations become not an obstacle or a stumbling block to their progress, but a fuel that makes the winning even sweeter.

When God favors you, you will stand out and probably will not fit in. Congratulations you have the coat of many colors. When God favors you, you will make people around you uncomfortable because they cannot understand why you and not them. When God favors you, their mind cannot fathom the ideas that come out from your mouth. When they hear them they just benchmark them to their own experiences, and mock them. They size them up against to what, in their mindset, is possible to accomplish. When you are a dreamer, you are not afraid to try. Because even if you try and fail, you learn a new way that will not achieve the dream, a path that will not be used again, so you still come closer to your destiny. Dreamers are the head and not the tail.

The world we live in, is formulated by dreams of men and women that dared to think different. To think possible what to them was new and probably impossible in the eyes of other people. When you dream God’s dream for your life and walk in it, you will wear God’s favor; and it will be apparent. People might plot to kill your dream, but it won’t be possible, you have been favored.

It might not be absent of difficulties, but always remember that you are wearing the coat of many colors.

“BREATHE expectantly, LIVE confidently and MOVE Boldly”

1 thought on “The coat of many colors

  1. I am highly favored by god. For most of my life, its only bought me negative attention and I never knew why. People stare at me everywhere I go. Everybody that I would befriend, would hurt me intentionally, plotting terrible things against me or false rumors. But on the other hand throughout my life I have always had prophets come to me to tell me about how highly favored I am, and they would say that the devil use people to kill my dream. Now I kow to just get used to the attention and to pray about the friends I make. Most of all, I pray that my destiny comes quickly. Praise God!!



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