Be bold

by DP

“Now, Lord, consider their threats and enable your servants to speak your word with great boldness. Stretch out your hand to heal and perform signs and wonders through the name of your holy servant Jesus.” Acts 4:29-30 TNIV

This is a story that takes place around two months after Jesus had been crucified. The apostles were being persecuted by the religious leaders for talking about Jesus. They pronounced these words after they had been threatened. They told the religious leaders of the time, that they were talking in the name of Jesus, which by the way they had crucified. This was a pretty bold move on their part. To say that they would continue to speak out in the name of Jesus and to tell them off as they did, and after doing that to ask God for more boldness.

The apostles were speaking of what they had experimented firsthand and that made all of the difference. No one can argue with experience; experience knows no successful contender. The internal fire that they had, inspired them to change the world with the transformational message of Jesus and made them pray for even more boldness, more potential risk. To be counted with those that had suffered for the cross was a privilege and it was worth it, they were transformed men. They had been forgiven by the one they spoke of. They were bold, and so can you.

I know pretty bold people. These are people that do amazing things every day and prove that the human spirit is still persistent, even when they are not recognized for it. People like the family that having the resources to buy a car, chose to feed more than 30 children for the rest of their lives. Or like the group of men that in spite of lacking resources to launch an outreach, had an idea to create a self sustaining micro-enterprise that would bring much needed resources for the people of Haiti and went without knowing what would happen. Or like the FBI agent and former Marine, that sold his home and his belongings and relocated with his family in a foreign country in order to train leaders all around the world with the promise that God would be with him along the way.

The dictionary tells us that to be bold means to be brave, daring, courageous, audacious, confident, brash, and self assured. Being bold, doesn’t mean not being scared or uncertain. Robert Frost once said, “Freedom lies in being bold,” and I agree with him. Jesus was bold, brave, daring, courageous, audacious and much more. He was not ashamed of you and me, He gave it all, and suffered all in order for us to be free.

Maybe today you have been struggling with the thought of doing something that is burning in your heart and soul. Something so audacious that people around you will question and even criticize you, but in the most inner being of your soul you know that it will change for good the life of many others and in the process it will change your life too.

Don’t hesitate, because if freedom lies in being bold, then set your sails towards the winds and be free and be bold!

“BREATHE expectantly, LIVE confidently and MOVE Boldly”

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© Copyright DP, 2011


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