Within your reach!

by DP

He found a fresh jawbone of a donkey, reached out his hand and took it, and killed a thousand men with it. Judges 15:15

Samson had been tied up with two new ropes, after he had taken revenge over what the Philistines had done. They had killed his father in law and his wife, although these events unfolded after Samson himself had provoked this retaliation. He had burned their crops and villages. Chaos created more chaos, uneasiness more uneasiness.

To avoid a mayor retaliation he was taken over to the Philistines by his own people. The story says that after they started shouting in signal of victory, the ropes that were bounding him became like nothing. And he used a fresh jawbone of a donkey that he spotted on the road and was within his reach and with it killed a thousand men. A moment of certain failure, became a moment of great victory. This story tells us that everything that you need is within reach.

We may not be facing the situation as Samson was, he was bound by physical ropes and being marched to be handed over to his enemies by his own people. But you might be bound with many other ropes. Depression, anguish, financial lack, divorce, sickness, a legal proceeding, betrayal by your own and many others that might be marching you down to what might seem a definite failure. You might even feel, that this chaos and this uneasiness was provoked or created by you. Even when your situation appears that there is no way out, God’s word reminds today that what you need to be free, is within your reach.

Everything you need to fulfill your destiny is within reach. He gives us a seed to plant or an idea to harvest. Look around intently, see with His eyes, and you will find that jawbone, that resource, that idea, that encouraging word that will thrust you to a new experience, a new season in your life. What seems to be a life threatening situation, will become a life changing experience, not only for you but for all that are watching. This moment is made to change your path, to change your legacy in a way that will surprise your enemies and will glorify the Lord Almighty. What seems to be certain defeat, it becomes an opportunity. Opportunity to let God be glorified, and work in and through you.

How good is to have a God that uses what seems small and insignificant, much more abundantly than we ask or think. Use whatever he has given you, but use it with His strength, not yours. All odds against you will be defeated and your life will never be the same, because everything you need is within reach.

“BREATHE expectantly, LIVE confidently and MOVE Boldly”

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© Copyright DP, 2010


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