The valley or the mountain?

by DP

Lot chose for himself the whole Jordan Valley to the east of them. He went there with his flocks and servants and parted company with his uncle Abram. So Abram settled in the land of Canaan, and Lot moved his tents to a place near Sodom and settled among the cities of the plain. Genesis 13:11-12 NLT

Abram and Lot had a situation that needed an immediate decision. Their flocks and family had grown so much that they were interfering with each other. Space and food were the prime assets and there was not much of it to sustain both families. So Abram gave Lot a choice; the valley or the mountain. Lot chose the Jordan Valley, a place that was plentiful and sustainable to the immediate sight. But this place was also close to Sodom, a place full of sin and perversion and as the story unfolds, near to destruction.

Lot had became wealthy because of Abram and in spite of that, he chose what appeared to be the best land for himself. So don’t be surprised that when you help someone, or they even become better financially, emotionally, or relationally that this might also happen. They will chose, if given the opportunity the best for themselves.

But Abram was shown the mountaintop. A place that from the valley could not be seen clearly. A place that would seem difficult to get over, but it was the place where he would see much further, clearer and better. From this place God gave Abram a legacy and a promise that is still alive today.

When we are faced with decisions, we should always take the “high road”. It is usually the most difficult choice and often not necessarily fair from our point of view. Even if the decision is taken for us, we should always take the high place and be still , because your mountaintop is near. Your faithfulness will move God to honor you.

Look at your situation or dilemma with a different perspective. You might be seeing the valley as the “big” prize. God may be allowing this moment of apparent injustice and ungratefulness to show you the way to your mountaintop. From there, your vision, your mission and you calling with sprung forth a legendary legacy that will impact your generation and the future ones to come. If a valley is taken from you, a mountaintop is in store for you.

So what will you chose today, the valley or the mountain?

“BREATHE expectantly, LIVE confidently and MOVE Boldly”

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