Two weeks and a day

It was another Sunday, o so I thought. I can’t remember the date, but I can remember the scene. I opened the door of the church and everything stopped. There she was, full of life, full of joy and looking stunningly beautiful, doing what she has done all her life, singing with passion to her Master. I do remember my thought at that moment, I said to myself, “She must be married. I mean, what man in his right mind would not pursue a woman like this.” And then I asked for the president of the youth of the church, and yes you are right, it was her. As I talked to her, her smile captivated me. I had seen my dream and the pursuit for her heart began that day. And as I realized, this had not been just another Sunday.

It has been 15 years today since we got married. It has been an amazing ride, sometimes bumpy, sometimes smooth. It has been 15 years of laughter, of tears of joy, years full of hope and full of dreams. And today we look into the future with expectation, with confidence and with boldness that for our time remaining on this earth, we will make it, the best time of our lives.

Time has gone very fast, that is why to me it hasn’t been 15 years, it’s more like two weeks and a day. And as I look at you, as I hear you, as I love you, I pray that God may give us many more years, to laugh, to dream, and to love.

I love you Sandy, Happy Anniversary Baby!

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