What a ride!

Today marks the date when we decided to put action to our faith, legs to our dreams. We instilled life to what was being birthed inside our hearts. Exactly one year we embarked into this new adventure of a complete relocation. It just seems like it happened yesterday, and yet a year has passed. I remember how I felt. A new home, a new church, a new everything. Adrenaline was the fuel that kept me going every day, or so I thought. It’s been a year where everything was on the line. A year where every breath we took, was taken with profound expectation. The expectation that the next moment would be better, greater and bigger. This has been a year where our confidence in the ONE that called us to be HIS, has grown in ways unimaginably to our natural minds. It has been a year where our actions have been bold, moving out of our comfort zones like we never thought.

It all started with a promise and a sense of urgency. A promise of better possibilities for those that we love the most, our son and our daughter. It started 5 years before, when Alex was nine and Amy was eight. We understood that even when we’ve had success in our professional lives, our real success is enjoyed when it is seen in our home. For us, success is a life full of God’s grace and mercy. A life that exudes HIS goodness and that delves into his wisdom. A sense of urgency that time is precious and our children cannot be gambled with.

Time and space will not be enough to pen down all that has happened this year. Even when I almost lost my life in the process, I can say without a doubt that HE has been with us every step. We have not walked alone. Has it been worth it? You bet. He has been faithful even when we haven’t. Matt Redman wrote a song called “Never Once”, that I heard when we moved. It describes how I felt and how I feel today, not because of what has happened this year, but because it is a reminder that on every step we have ever taken, even when those steps have lead us to dark places, HE has been there always. The same is true for you today.

So if you think you are alone, think again. He has been there every step, even when you are going through turmoil and uncertainty. Don’t be afraid, just take the next step, HE is there with you.

As for me, when I look back I wouldn’t change anything. God is faithful. It’s been a great year, and it is just the beginning, all I can say is, “What a ride!”.

“BREATHE expectantly, LIVE confidently and MOVE Boldly”

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© Copyright Danny Maldoando, 2012


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