To plan or not to plan?

While running some errands, I was listening to a radio station of a religious nature. It wasn’t very appealing or interesting, but just out of curiosity I continued to listen to get a grasp of what the point would be in the message, maybe something good could come out of it. I also listened from the perspective of someone that had no knowledge of the Scriptures. After ten minutes I stopped listening, because all of his message was just filled with, and it is not intended to cause any disrespect, but it was “christian language”, and had no point at all. I mean, I know he meant well but there was no message. Someone listening for the first time and was trying to get any knowledge of who Jesus is, would have finished even more confused. But the point that struck me more than anything else was the lack of structure and therefore the lack of planning from the presenter. It was that obvious.

While I was still driving I questioned myself: Should we as disciples and followers of Jesus, make any plans or just rely on our spiritual instincts? I was thinking of the example that I had just experienced. The presenter was definitely trying to use his head knowledge but had not defined pattern of what he was presenting. Examples in the Bible started to come to me. Each and every one expresses a God that is a master planner. Planning is his specialty, to plan is not only needed but it is required. I would go further and state that it is demanded. Albert Einstein said it well, “I am convinced that He (God) does not play dice.” in other words, He does not leave anything to chance or to randomness. He’s a master planner. And you can see it in everything created.

Some think that to plan is to show lack of faith. I would say that planning is showing your faith in action. Relying on your plans alone is another issue altogether. The first one is a complete act of trust in God and the latter is a complete trust in yourself. Not planning says to the world, “everything is random there is no logic nor purpose in what I do” and I would dare to say that it is a praise to mediocrity. To plan is to walk in the nature that God himself created us to be, because we were created in his image.

The creativity and the gifts you and I have been given, are not to be taken lightly. It would be easy to just let things happen, but that would be a waste of time, and talent. But if we acknowledge that God created us for excellence, we should be the example for the world to see. In our finances, our studies, our work and our home. We should be recognized as those that plan ahead and trust in a Master Planner that shows his love and mercy. From the moment his precious creation fell, he started planing his redemption through the sacrifice of his son Jesus. What a great plan!

To plan or not to plan? That is not the question. Why would you not plan?, would be a better one.

“BREATHE expectantly, LIVE confidently and MOVE Boldly”

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© Copyright Danny Maldonado, 2012
Scripture quotations are taken from the Holy Bible, New Living Translation, copyright ©1996, 2004, 2007 by Tyndale House Foundation. Used by permission of Tyndale House Publishers, Inc., Carol Stream, Illinois 60188. All rights reserved.


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